Wilson Ritch Post 432

The Wilson Ritch American Legion Post 432 

would like to celebrate and remember with gratitude the following persons and groups.

Your commitment to service and generosity toward our post will not be forgotten



To the work crew that put the new fence around the parking lot,


Right to left, Vinny Puleo, Ron Romaszka, RJ Romaszka,

Kathy Nielsen, Bruce Miller, Richard Roberts, (np) Gene Ordmandy


Craig den Hartog

Emerald Magic Lawn Care Inc.

Thank you for your work to maintain the Steven Crowley Park. The grounds are always lovely. You do nice work and we appreciate it.


Eagle Scout: Ryan Thomas Creevy

We were gratified to be present at your Court of Honor. We express our continuing gratitude for the projects both of the lovely mahogany Bench with the Plaque commemorating George Wilson and the well-made, much used Flag Drop off box. We know that both will last for many years and be there to remind us of our service and yours

Jeff Wichmann.

We thank you for all of your generosity in supporting us. You never hesitate to lend a hand and we appreciate it.


Chris and Mike (Webmaster note, I need to get the full spelling of names from Cmndr)

for that truly Rocking lighted steel sign in the bar. Bringing our look current. Thanks !

Eagle Scout: Joe Snider  (Webmaster note, I need to get the full spelling of names from Cmndr)

This sign is absolutely fantastic! It realy stands out and stands for what we do! Thank you.

(another note, I need to find a picture with Joe Snider, in the meantime, here's the super sign)